Beer is the Gun - REFRAME : The intentional Degradation of a Memory Short edit: Beer Is The Gun - REFRAME: The Intentional Degradation of a Memory is a film that I made for my degree show in 2017. I am telling a story about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how I am trying to overcome it. Often in talking therapies such as NLP, CBT, etc. you are urged to think of a trauma, then drain the colour out of it , distort it, shrink it, run it backwards. I began to think about how I could start to reframe my own trauma by employing these techniques. I wanted to go a few steps beyond this, so I hired 3 different groups of actors to help me to begin to deconstruct the truth about my memories and also begin to reinvent the memory in a way that I had no control over. I gave each group less and less information about the trauma and they received a set of 4 props from my memory. I invited them to tell their own stories with these items and then make a film and return it to me. Every time the story was retold by different actors it became further and further from the truth of my original memory. At the end I still found myself surrounded by quite violent imagery and even though their stories were not mine, the involvement of the props such as the gun meant that there was always a violent element to the story. I decided in the end to go in and start to visually add in the 4 steps that I outline in the film as well as overlaying the film with childhood found footage once again trying to reframe the horror from my past.




Skye Shadowlight
(c) Skye Shadowlight 2018